Monday, September 30, 2013

Pioneer Rowing Club ~ 4K Race in Northfield, MA on October 12, 2013

The Pioneer Rowing Club
(out of Pioneer Valley Regional School in Northfield, MA)

is hosting their 2nd annual regatta on

Saturday, October 12, 2013
9:00 a.m. Start
Small Stake Race, 4K 
on the Connecticut River in Northfield, MA

High School students and women's masters are invited. 

Pioneer Rowing Club is just trying to cover the cost of a couple sanicans and some award medals, so the cost of entry is $80, unlimited number of entries. 
Events: 1X, 2X, 4+.

Lenox, Holyoke, Springfield and the Pioneer Rowing Club are participating. They would love to have anyone from PRC or RowBOC join in on the fun. 

It is a small event, & real informal.

We row about 3 miles north of NMH on the same side of the river. We actually launch and row upstream 500 meters and we are in New Hampshire. It is a private dock on the river. If a large contingent of the Putney Rowing Club is interested I would have you launch at the Northfield Boat Ramp which is about a 1/4 mile from our dock, if there is only a few, then we could fit you on our small postage stamp piece of land along the river.
Phone Robert W Englehardt at 413-695-7971 if you want to talk directly or have any questions.

PRC Board Meeting Monday, October 7, 2013

The next PRC Board meeting will be held at King Boatworks on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. The membership is invited to attend.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Annual Source to Sea Cleanup ~ Saturday September 28 at 9:00 a.m.

Hello Rowers,
It’s that time of year again—the annual Source to Sea Cleanup, sponsored by the Connecticut River Watershed Council.  This year, we’ll meet Saturday morning, Sept. 28, at 9 am (Hey, you’ll be down around the boat house anyway...) at the PRC.  I’ll have garbage bags and gloves available.  It only takes an hour, and last year we had a good group.  The several bags of junk we collected not only helped clean the river and banks, it also helped spiff up the place for the regatta.
Hope to see lots of you next Saturday. Contact me if you’ve got questions.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Is It Clean?

Want to know how clean the Connecticut River is when you are out rowing or swimming?

There is a new link on the PRC Website LINKS PAGE, under the Navigation Menu.

Connecticut River Bacteria Data:

This link goes to the Connecticut River.US website. The map identifies sites recently sampled for Escheria coli bacteria levels, also called E. coli bacteria. You are able to use the interactive menu to search various locations on the Connecticut River to see what the bacteria levels are.

BLUEClean for swimming and boating<235 cfu/100 ml
YELLOWClean for boating only235 - 575 cfu/100 ml
REDNot clean for swimming or boating>575 cfu/100 ml

Check out the bacteria levels where you are boating and swimming so you know what the risk is when you are in or on the water.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Connecticut River Water Quality Monitoring Program

Five PRC members, Carol C., Elizabeth M., Meredith W., Sally N. and Jim R., are participating this year in sampling the water of the Connecticut River for the 2013 Connecticut River Water Quality Monitoring Program conducted by the Connecticut River Watershed Council, Inc. We take samples every other Wednesday at two locations: the PRC docks and approximately 100' upstream from the mouth of Sacketts Brook. A few days later the results of the testing of our samples, and those from many other volunteers working along the Connecticut and its tributaries, are posted online. We then print out the results of our sampling and post them on the outside of the Heller Boathouse.

The samples are being tested for levels of E. Coli bacteria. Two weeks ago our sampling revealed an abnormally high E. Coli count which deemed our section of the river to be flagged red suggesting that the water was unsafe for boating and swimming. A second test was granted for one week later and the count had dropped to safe levels.

So look for the latest results posted on the boathouse wall and also consider the attached upcoming event held in conjunction with the Council's annual meeting on July 21.

Thanks, JimSecretary, Putney Rowing Club

Friday, June 7, 2013

PLEASE make sure the boathouses are locked before leaving!

Hi all.  I hope you're getting out on the river.  It has been beautiful.

Just a friendly reminder to make sure the boathouses are locked before leaving.  

And set the combination to 0000.  

The small boathouse was left unlocked when I checked it at 6:00PM last evening.  


Twelfth Inaugural Black Fly Regatta on Saturday June 22, 2013

"At the other end of the pomp-and-circumstance spectrum is the Black Fly Regatta . . . It's tough to imagine a more irreverent rowing race - or one that is as much fun."
"Morde Me!" indeed, flies. Chip Davis, the introspective, humble, and virtuous publisher of Rowing News magazine (aka the magazine of rowing) poignantly compared the Black Fly Regatta with England's Henley Royal Regatta in his September 2009 Publisher's Note. Unfortunately, a last-minute editorial decision left staff photos of both events on the newsroom floor. Can you guess which one is the Black Fly Regatta and which one is Henley Royal?
(Hint: We're ranked #3. Royal Henley's ranked #7.)
So what are you waiting for? C'mon and join the largest swarm of scullers ever to start en masse north of the Tropic of Cancer for the Twelfth Inaugural Black Fly Regatta on Saturday June 22, 2013.
6000 meters of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
(Hey, Chip. You didn't say which end of the spectrum the Black Flies inhabit. Are we infrared or ultraviolet?)
As long as we keep our powder dry, the shotgun will blast and the mass start will unravel at 9:01:52 a.m. EDST, more or less. Our delirious volunteers will be on hand to greet you at 7 a.m., more or less.
And don't miss the pre-regatta press conference at 8 a.m-ish. Please note I will not be taking questions.
Pay your dues
So what's this going to cost? Plenty. After all, how many Euros would you expect to pay to be at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Henley Royal Regatta? 100? 200? More? I like the way you're thinking. You can't buy this kind of insouciance just anywhere, you know. But with the Greek Banks foundering like Odysseus on the wine-dark sea, I must request you pay in U. S. Dollars this year. Don't fret. Self-restraint is the hallmark of the Black Fly Scullers. We're not gonna let this media blitz go to our swollen heads. So for the low, low, price of only $40.00 you, too, can become a member of the Black Fly Scullers for the entire year which entitles you to come play with us on the Comerford Reservoir.
Larvae and Pupae scull free -- sort of
I know it's hard to raise a swarm. And thanks to our recently approved IMF loan, the Black Fly Scullers can offer reduced membership dues for all you little larvae out there. Yep, you can join for just $10! Heck, you'll eat that much food during "Sam 'n Ella's Scullers's Breakfast." Not to mention the prizes. Talk about losing money. Now you know why the IMF is in such rough shape.
Hey, Pupae, don't feel left out. I remember what it was like to be a poor, starving, college kid. And in a few years, I won't be able to remember anything. So I gotta act now. If you are a "Student/Athalete" Pupae (aka "SAP") -- which means you are age 18 through 26, currently enrolled in college, or post-graduate school and/or training for the U23 or National Team (of any sovereign nation except Switzerland!) -- then you can pay only $20. I know, that cuts into your beer money. But life is all about choices.
I know how grateful you are. You can express your thanks by waiting for me to cross the finish line before you do.
Respect your elders!
As an added bonus, your membership entitles you to participate in the "Black Flyathlon" (copyright Black Fly Scullers, Inc. 2010), a nordic ski schuss amid the backwoods of the Northeast Kingdom which starts precisely at noon on the Saturday after the CRASH-Bs. (Details below) Two races for the price of one! Double your chances of winning a prize! Or catastrophic injury! What a deal!
Our factory-trained representatives are ready, able, and willing to process your registration.
Just click on the "Register Now!" or "Join Us Today!" tabs and you are on your way.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You must renew your membership BEFORE you can row . . .


The PRC Board is happy to announce that the docks are in and the boathouses open. Many club boats are rigged and ready to row. 

HOWEVER, we wish to remind all members to refrain from taking any boat out or bringing your boat down until you have renewed your membership for 2013. This includes completing all of the following: Fill out the 2013 Membership Application; Sign the waiver; Pay your membership fee; Sign up for 15 hours of volunteer time. Forms are found on the PRC website as well as a link to the  volunteer sign up form found on the Home page. This year there is no membership deadline and there is no penalty for renewing late. But, you must renew before you can row.

Thanks for renewing your PRC membership. 

Jim Robinson
Secretary, Putney Rowing Club

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Village-to-Village Spring Challenge May 4, 2013

Don’t miss the first-ever Village-to-Village Spring Challenge May 4 in beautiful upstate NY.

Have you ever attended a regatta where the start line is in one village and the finish line is in another?

Come join in the fun of either racing or watching this one-of-a-kind regatta. Bring your friends and family who can bike, run, or walk alongside the entire 12K race course.

The local Weather Channel forecast for Saturday is 
high of 69⁰ with 0% chance of precipitation. 

Make this a “destination event” as we celebrate the opening of the ERIE CANAL. Click on the following link for a listing and maps of the weekend festivities in Brockport, NY ERIE CANAL LOW BRIDGE-HIGH WATER in BROCKPORT, NY

We have extended the registration deadline to May 1 on Regatta Central

Boats available to row . . .

The two doubles Dearg and Linda K are now properly rigged and safe to row, though the oarlocks may still need some adjustment.  The King George is NOT available to row.  We will be checking out the singles in the next day or so, but it may be safer anyway to stick with the doubles until the water warms up a bit. 

And please, please, always check your equipment before you go out.  It would be disappointing, to say the least, to discover something was not quite right with your boat after you've gone a mile or two from the dock, especially if you were downstream!

If there are any members who'd like to earn a few hours working on the boathouse, we could use two or three people for securing the roof.   Kendall and I will be at the boathouse Tuesday May 30, 2013 from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Also, remember that a condition of your annual membership is that you view the safety video.  There is one copy at the library, and we will be purchasing another copy as soon as we can.

Happy and safe rowing.  

PRC President


We had a great time doing it.  A huge thanks to all who participated.
In case anyone has the inkling to get a head start on rowing, there's a couple of things you should know.

First, there are several boats, on the racks and rigged, that should not be rowed yet, as they're in need of repair.  We'll make sure they're tagged in the next day or two.

If you find a boat you'd like to row that has not been rigged, please take the time to carefully inspect the boat for any damage, and thoroughly clean the boat and the riggers before applying them to the boat!!!

The water is still very cold, so please only go out with a partner.  Watch for debris and fast currents.  If you do see snags, please note where they are and leave a note by the sign-out sheet to alert those coming after you.  We'll be putting up a chalk board with a map of the river, and chalk so you can mark snags on it.
Have fun.  See you on the river.  

PRC President

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Need to change your email address to follow the PRC Blog?

If you are signed up to receive the PRC Blog via emails, but you have changed your email address, please do the following.

Go to the bottom of one of the PRC Blog posts to the old address.
Scroll to the bottom of the page.
You will see the following:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 PRC Membership and Waiver forms are on The PRC website


The 2013 PRC Membership and Waiver forms
are on The PRC website on the Membership page. 

Go to
~ scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the ~
2013 PRC Membership Form 
2013 PRC Waiver

Please download them soon!
Remember that there are 4 things you must do to complete your membership.

    1)  Fill out the Membership form
    2)  Fill out the Waiver form
    3)  Include payment for your membership
    4)  Sign up for your volunteer hours at:

All four must be completed before your 2013 membership will be processed.

Mail your Membership and Waiver forms along with your check to:
    Putney Rowing Club
    P.O. Box 90
    Putney, VT 05346

Thanks for renewing your PRC membership !!


Secretary, Putney Rowing Club

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sign Up NOW for PRC 2013 Volunteering Slots!

1. There is a link to the 2013 PRC Jobs Sign Up Sheet !
Go to: and click on the link to sign up for your 2013 volunteer slots!

The days for the boathouse repair, roof repair, docks prep, docks-in, and the beginner clinics are firm dates. Mark your calendars in INK!

Some of the remaining dates have not been firmed up, due to weather, and what repairs come up during the rowing season. Please sign up for these jobs anyway, so that we will have a quorum to call upon for those jobs when needed. You will be notified when the date is confirmed.

The 2013 Application Forms will appear soon on this PRC website membership page!
An announcement will be sent when this is completed!

3. ALL SET! ~ The work day for this coming weekend, Saturday April 13, 2013 (rain date Sunday April 14), to repair the damage done to the boathouse last year, has enough volunteers. Thank you all.

Friday, April 5, 2013

US Rowing April 2013



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© 2013 | USRowing
2 Wall Street, Princeton NJ 08540
Phone: (800) 314-4ROW (4769)
Fax: (609) 924-1578

2013 USRowing Calendar
Check out a listing of this year's events and locations on the 2013 USRowing Events Calendar. Traveling to an event? Please support our partners EMC VenuesUnited Airlines andHilton HHonors. For booking flights through United, please refer to the instructions on how to apply USRowing's discount code.

Visit USRowing at the 2013 San Diego Crew Classic
Are you racing at the 2013 San Diego Crew Classic this weekend, or cheering on your favorite team? Stop by the USRowing tent, located in the Trade Show area on Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7. Take the rowing trivia challenge and win cool gear and prizes, sign up for a FREE Basic USRowing membership or meet two-time Olympic gold medalists Mary Whipple and Susan Francia, who will be at the tent from 1-2 p.m. on Sunday.

April Registered Regattas
Click below for a list of this month's USRowing Registered Regattas. For more information about how to register your event, or contact Sean Smalley, or (609) 751-0706.

USRowing Unveils Row to Rio Logo
The rowing community has spoken! USRowing is pleased to announce the winning Row to Rio logo, selected from over 120 entries. People took part in the contest through online voting, followed by nominations from the selection committee to narrow down the finalists last month. More than 9,000 votes were cast and the winner is Jake Mercuri of Cincinnati, Ohio.Congratulations Jake!

2013 Samsung World Rowing Cup I
In the first international event of the season, the United States won medals in five of the six events it entered at the 2013 Samsung World Rowing Cup I March 22-24 at the Sydney International Regatta Center in Penrith, Australia. The U.S. won silver in the women’s pair, women’s quadruple sculls, women’s eight and men’s eight, and bronze in the women’s single sculls. Host nation Australia topped the medals table with gold in four events. Click below for full results, videos and photos.

Training Center Blog at
USRowing Training Center athlete Meghan O’Leary shares her insights on training, racing and the life of an elite rower. O’Leary began rowing less than three years ago and joined the Princeton Training Center in November of 2011 after attending a National Team Identification Camp earlier that fall. Join her journey to Rio!

Rudy Project Signs Four-Year Sponsor Agreement
Rudy Project, a leading global manufacturer of high performance eyewear, has signed a four-year agreement as the official eyewear, prescription eyewear and helmet sponsor of USRowing. As part of the sponsorship, Rudy Project will provide eyewear to the U.S. National Team and will offer extensive benefits to the USRowing membership, with proceeds benefitting the U.S. National Team. Elevate your performance with official USRowing eyewear! Here's how USRowing members can get 25% off of Rudy Project gear: go to, add items to cart / checkout and enter VIP code: usrowing. Here's how USRowing members can get 25% off of Rudy Project prescription eyewear: go to, add items to cart / checkout and enter VIP code: usrowing.

2013 Women's Under 23 National Team Camp Acceptances
USRowing is pleased to announce that 26 athletes have been accepted to the 2013 Women’s Under 23 National Team Selection Camp in Princeton, N.J. The camp will select the women’s eight and the women’s quadruple sculls crews that will compete at the World Rowing Under 23 Championships July 24-28 in Linz, Austria. Go USA!

National Learn to Row Day
The 12th-annual National Learn to Row Day sponsored by USRowing and Concept2 will take place on Saturday, June 1, 2013, in rowing clubs and health clubs throughout the United States. Competitive and recreational rowers range in age from 12 to over 90, so it is never too early or too late to take up the sport. Interested in hosting a National Learn to Row Day event? Click the link below and complete an online participation form. USRowing will provide all clubs with National Learn to Row Day materials to assist in hosting and promoting the event.

April Coaching Feature / Bo Hanson
Have you ever noticed how some rowers “get” instructions immediately, while for others it takes a while for things to click? As a coach, this is something you’ve had to deal with on numerous occasions. Many coaches develop their own ways of “working” with their athletes and having a well-proven framework can be extremely useful. What I mean, when I talk about “working” with your rowers, is creating an effective method of helping them learn. We understand all rowers and athletes are unique and cannot be coached in exactly the same way. Each of your rowers is likely to learn in their own unique way, knowing how they learn is the key to helping them improve (and reducing your stress too!)

April Masters Rowing Feature / Charlotte Hollings
While the calendar says it’s spring, it sure doesn’t feel like it here on the east coast! Despite that, I’m sure many of you are beginning to venture out onto the water to begin the 2013 season. There are so many things to think about during those first few weeks back in the boat, but none more important, I believe, than staying relaxed. Nervousness leads to tension; tension leads to bad rowing; bad rowing makes the boat less stable, which makes us more nervous and the cycle just escalates.

SAVE THE DATE! 2013 USRowing Golf Outing and Auction
The 17th Annual Golf Outing and Live Auction to benefit the United States National Team will take place Monday, June 3, 2013, at the Bedens Brook Golf Club in Skillman, N.J. With support from participants, sponsors and donors at its largest fundraising event of the year, USRowing is able to provide its athletes with the best possible coaching, training and competitive experiences necessary in their quest for success at both the world championships and Olympic Games.

April Safety Feature / Willie Black
A novice crew was warming up for its first collegiate sprint race. It was the end of the spring break training trip and were all primed and ready to go. The warm-up was going great, the rowers were focused on executing the planned warm-up, and the coxswain was making sure that they were focused and hitting their ratings. There was nothing between them and their first victory. Well, almost nothing. Actually, it was a 1,000-pound steel buoy, painted bright green, and it even had a little light on top, but they still hit it dead on.

Gear Kits Available from USRowing
Everything you need to get your season started! Pre-packaged gear kits for coaches, coxswains and referees are now available from USRowing. Save up to 40% on name-brand items. Click on the link below for more information and order forms.

Volunteers Needed for 2013 USRowing Events!
The 2013 National Selection Regattas I and II are scheduled for April 24-27 and May 15-18. We are in need of volunteers for a variety of positions - finish line assistants, launch drivers, stakeboat holders and video assistants. A list of all volunteers slots is posted on the NSR event pages of the USRowing website. If you are available, please join us at Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J. Contact Liz Soutter for more information at or (609) 751-0714. View volunteer positions for NSR I (scroll to bottom of page). View volunteer positions for NSR II (scroll to bottom of page)
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