Friday, July 19, 2013

Is It Clean?

Want to know how clean the Connecticut River is when you are out rowing or swimming?

There is a new link on the PRC Website LINKS PAGE, under the Navigation Menu.

Connecticut River Bacteria Data:

This link goes to the Connecticut River.US website. The map identifies sites recently sampled for Escheria coli bacteria levels, also called E. coli bacteria. You are able to use the interactive menu to search various locations on the Connecticut River to see what the bacteria levels are.

BLUEClean for swimming and boating<235 cfu/100 ml
YELLOWClean for boating only235 - 575 cfu/100 ml
REDNot clean for swimming or boating>575 cfu/100 ml

Check out the bacteria levels where you are boating and swimming so you know what the risk is when you are in or on the water.

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