Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Connecticut River Water Quality Monitoring Program

Five PRC members, Carol C., Elizabeth M., Meredith W., Sally N. and Jim R., are participating this year in sampling the water of the Connecticut River for the 2013 Connecticut River Water Quality Monitoring Program conducted by the Connecticut River Watershed Council, Inc. We take samples every other Wednesday at two locations: the PRC docks and approximately 100' upstream from the mouth of Sacketts Brook. A few days later the results of the testing of our samples, and those from many other volunteers working along the Connecticut and its tributaries, are posted online. We then print out the results of our sampling and post them on the outside of the Heller Boathouse.

The samples are being tested for levels of E. Coli bacteria. Two weeks ago our sampling revealed an abnormally high E. Coli count which deemed our section of the river to be flagged red suggesting that the water was unsafe for boating and swimming. A second test was granted for one week later and the count had dropped to safe levels.

So look for the latest results posted on the boathouse wall and also consider the attached upcoming event held in conjunction with the Council's annual meeting on July 21.

Thanks, JimSecretary, Putney Rowing Club

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