Monday, April 8, 2013

Sign Up NOW for PRC 2013 Volunteering Slots!

1. There is a link to the 2013 PRC Jobs Sign Up Sheet !
Go to: and click on the link to sign up for your 2013 volunteer slots!

The days for the boathouse repair, roof repair, docks prep, docks-in, and the beginner clinics are firm dates. Mark your calendars in INK!

Some of the remaining dates have not been firmed up, due to weather, and what repairs come up during the rowing season. Please sign up for these jobs anyway, so that we will have a quorum to call upon for those jobs when needed. You will be notified when the date is confirmed.

The 2013 Application Forms will appear soon on this PRC website membership page!
An announcement will be sent when this is completed!

3. ALL SET! ~ The work day for this coming weekend, Saturday April 13, 2013 (rain date Sunday April 14), to repair the damage done to the boathouse last year, has enough volunteers. Thank you all.

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