Saturday, September 3, 2011

Three Cheers for Pip and his tireless elves!

So many to thank ~
Fred, Fred, Beth, Graeme, Kristin, Oliver, Michael, Basha, Carrie, Jim, Patty, Laura, Laurie, and my apologies to anyone I have missed!
The mud seemed endless and deep . . . and very sticky! Shoes were lost in the mud and it was hard walking and working!
Riggers were removed for cleaning. Tool boxes and all equipment left in the boathouse was removed to be cleaned or taken to the landfill . . . Now we know to empty everything in the boathouse if we are expecting any major floods!
Laurie's brilliant idea to use the boards for dock repair as a channel to walk on up through the middle of the boathouse, as it was so hard to walk in the mud. Thanks to her Yankee ingenuity the walking went much faster!
Heavy work shoveling the mud from under the racks and into the middle where the backhoe could access it. Many backs made for easier work for all . . .
Michael, Laura and Fred unearthing the small boathouse . . .
And to Pip Bannister for bring his trusty Kobota to dig us out and remove the much! Quite a scene with lots of hard work! What a job this would have been without the use of his Kabota!
Many thanks to all to make this happen so quickly and so smoothly!
 We even have some eager rowers to keep in shape for the HOCR! Go Fred and Laurie!
The docks are back in place; the ramp and docks seem to have weathered the storm! Now to grade and rake and put in grass seed. Join us on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. for this project!

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