Saturday, September 3, 2011

PRC raked, grated and seeded!

We have two HOCR rowing in training for the GMH! We have eager beavers from Connecticut already rowing out of PRC despite Irene and all the mud left behind! They rowed the GMH course this a.m. but there was still lots of debris on the Vermont side, with the NH side pretty clear.
PRC is now raked, grated and seeded due to Michael's leadership on this project. Hay and grass seed was purchased and is now down on the ground.
The crew of Fred, Laurie, Michael, Patty, Sally, and Basha~who arrived in time to see us leave!, made great progress Saturday morning. The dirt was raked, grass seed was spread ~ a conservation mix of grass seed, and mulch hay was put down to protect the seed, and to make it easier to walk in the dirt. Rain is expected in the next few days, so this project was pushed ahead to get it done before the ground was too wet to work.
The boathouses both have a little hay in them (with no seed) to make it easier to walk and less slippery. 
Thank to all that have so worked hard all weekend restoring PRC after tropical storm Irene.

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