Saturday, September 24, 2011

GMH is Upon Us! Step up to help!


The regatta is upon us. The Dummerston Landing has been cleared of the mud and debris left by Irene (see photos),  an excavator will come the beginning of the week to dredge the channel of the inlet, and Farmer Mike Barrett will cut the corn by the end of next week.  We have 259 entries and, Lord willin' and the crick don't rise, it will be a great regatta. 

The various flurries of activity have already begun, and many of you have already stepped up.  But not all the tasks have enough volunteers to do them.  We need your help. 

1. This Sunday, Kendall is organizing a final Scrambles (I think it's at 7:00 AM), and immediately afterward we will be making necessary repairs on the GMH docks and ramps.  Please let us know if you will help with that.  The docks are heavy, and many hands make the work go easier. (Also, we need to do this, even if it's raining, which I hope it won't. )  
Email him:

2. We need people to help launch the docks, on Saturday October 1. Please let us know if you will help with that. We try to schedule these tasks for the morning, so the whole day doesn't get taken up.  If enough people show up, it won't take more than an hour.  
Email me:

3. Food preparation and serving require another couple of hands.  This takes place Sunday during the regatta.  Please let us know if you can help with that.  
Email Liz: and Beth:

4. Pulling up the docks after the regatta.  Big job, gets done fast when there are enough people. Please stick around and help with that, and let us know if you will.  

5. Clean-up after the regatta. This is a task that for some reason never attracts a huge turnout, I have no idea why.  The sense of camaraderie and good will just cannot be beat.  The work gets done in a flash when there are a lot of people doing it.  Please let us know if you will help with that.  

6. I don't know if Sally has recruited enough people yet, but the barbeque at the boat shop Saturday night is another task that goes more smoothly and quickly if enough people pitch in.
This BBQ is a lot of fun, great food, and a chance to meet rowers from around the country.  Plan to come.

7. Peter Cortes could use one or two more people to assist with timing.  
Email him:

8. Kendall may need one or two more people to help set the course 
Email him:

9. Elizabeth Bissell may need additional help with parking and setting out signs.  
Email her:

10.  Saved the best for last: anyone who loves to get up at 3:00 in the morning could make the coffee and hot chocolate.  People will truly love you for doing this. -
Email then:,

I expect I've forgotten to mention one or two (hundred) tasks that need to be done.  My sincere apologies if anyone feels slighted by the omission.

Nowhere in the by-laws does it say you can't volunteer for more than one task. 

Remember - Putney Rowing Club is a volunteer organization.  We all (most of us anyway) have enjoyed rowing all summer. The regatta is our primary source of funding. The club would not happen without it.  So now is the time to step up and participate and help make this a success.  Let us know what you will do to help.

Please reply to me:, kendall:, liz bourne:, beth spicer:, and sally

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