Friday, August 26, 2011

URGENT: Tropical Storm and Flood Evacuation Plan

All PRC Members ~ An Actual EVACUATION Plan is in place:

We will be taking advantage of all the people who plan to be on the River on Saturday morning at 10 AM to de-rig and move all the big boats and as many PRC Club Singles as will fit on the trailer. Work can and will continue Saturday afternoon, and we may well decide Saturday to move all the other stuff on Sunday morning.

The club group boat-out on Saturday at 10:00 will be for PRC Club boats only.  Any members with private boats who for some reason can't take care of their own boat can let us know but there is no guarantee we will actually be able to move any other than the club boats.

Conversely, if you think this is alarmism and want your boat left in the boathouse it wouldn't hurt to send out a general e-mail to that affect.

We will also decide Saturday what other extraordinary measures may be called for based on existing and forecast conditions.

Quite a few people responded to my original all hands e-mail.  Thank you. 

It would be good to hear from people who can be on call for later Saturday and Sunday morning.

Kendall for the Boathouse Committee

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