Sunday, August 7, 2011

PRC Boathouse Break-in

Sometime between Saturday morning 8/6/11 and early Sunday morning 8/7/11, 
someone pulled a tarp off one of the pile of GMH docks, 
tipped over the Port-o-Potty, 
broke one of the slats off the side of the small boathouse, 
removed several oars, 
removed a sweep oar from the big boathouse ~ without breaking in to that boathouse, and 
moved the red kayak off its rack, which is outside, beside the big boathouse. 

The sweep oar was found by the ramp at the Putney Landing, one of Victor's oars was on the ground outside the small boathouse and one of Michael Donahue's oars is still missing. This missing oar is a Croker oar with a bright pink sleeve, and a white blade. Please keep an eye out for it along the shore or anywhere it might have been dumped.

We do not detect that any other equipment was moved or is missing, however it would be wise for every one using equipment at the boathouse to check it out and notify any PRC Board member if you discover anything else is missing or damaged.

The VT State Police have been notified of this incident and the missing oar. 

PLEASE make sure to lock the boat house when leaving to row or for the day, returning the lock to 0000. Pull on the lock to make sure that it is secure. DO NOT LEAVE MONEY or VALUABLES in the boathouse. Please make sure to lock your cars when you are out rowing. We do not want to encourage thefts of any kind at PRC.

The person/s did break into the boat house, as they were locked, but we must all be aware that the boathouses are vulnerable and we must make every effort to keep them secure. Please all be vigilant and be aware of any suspicious activity or persons in and around the docks. Please notify the police and the PRC if you find any vandalism. Be safe and take care of yourself, if there are suspicious persons at the boathouse. Phone the authorities and report any activity, then let any PRC Board member know what you have found.

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