Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PRC Boathouse Break In Sunday 12.9.12

I'm sorry to report that our boathouse was vandalized some time on Sunday (12.9.12.) Only the large boathouse was damaged. Both doors were ripped off and smashed, all of the center racks and some of the side racks were destroyed, and a number of the vertical planks on the river side were kicked in and broken. The cost of the damage is not excessive - maybe a few hundred dollars - but it will take some time to make the repairs. What's worse than the damage is the sense of vulnerability, of violation.

The sheriff has been called and should make an appearance today (she was not on duty yesterday). Our security camera had been removed prior to Tropical Storm Sandy, so no pictures of the mayhem, alas. I will keep you apprised of any developments.

Oliver, PRC President

I drove down to look at the mess mid day and also noticed that the ramp was tipped over though I doubt it was damaged. There are beer cans all over the place including up by the docks. They must have been there a while, the vandals, not the beer cans, and I wonder if anyone saw them. Oliver is correct, the cost of the damage is not great but repairing the damage will take some time to complete. Had the boats been inside...? Too bad the camera had been removed. God, this makes me angry.

Jim, PRC Secretary

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