Sunday, October 28, 2012

URGENT: evacuating boathouse NOW!


It has been decided to start evacuating the boathouses as of this afternoon (Sunday 10/28/12). We are concerned not so much about flooding as we are about strong, damaging winds causing damage to the boathouses. Please take this seriously.

All members with private boats are advised to remove your boat as soon as possible. If you cannot get down to boathouse to do so please let me know so 
arrangements can be made to get your boat out.

We need help from members doing the following:

1)  As of now we will be starting to de-rig boats down at the river. There will be a skeleton crew working this afternoon and more hands are needed.

2)  The trailer is presently away at the Head of the Fish regatta and will return later today. If in fact it returns before dark we can load boats onto it today. If not we will be doings so in the morning (Monday).

Additional information will be sent out later today informing you of what our needs will be tomorrow.

Please stand by!

Thanks for all your help.

Secretary, Putney Rowing Club

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