Sunday, October 28, 2012

UPDATE: Evacuation 2012!

Sunday October 28, 2012 ~ 
Oliver, Carol, Graeme, Kendall, Lies, Peter, Michael, Jim Sweitzer and Jim Robinson de-rigged all the boats and moved all except Python to the shop. There is one private boat remaining in the small boathouse, not sure whose boat it is. 

Monday (October 29th) morning at 9:00 Kendall and Jim R. will be at the boathouse to help Kristin and Putney School students put Python on the trailer. We will bring up the oars and the kayak. Looks like we have just about everything under control except the weather.

Please Remember:  
Docks out still scheduled for November 10 - SAVE THAT DATE
We will need all hands on docks!!

Thanks, Jim
Secretary, Putney Rowing Club

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