Friday, June 1, 2012

Black Fly Regatta June 23, 2012

Hiya flies,

My interns  have quit.  My EB -5 visas have expired.  And the SEC told me my IPO was really an IPA.

Things are looking up.  Time to get on with Fly XI!

I have once again “tweaked” the online registration system in an unyielding effort to make life easy for you.  We’ve been testing.  I hope to have it operational tomorrow.  And I hope that this will be the last time I have to make nay changes to it. Even so,  as always I expect mass confusion.  So here’s a primer:

You will find you have the following choices:

If you are an adult over the age of 26 (chronologically, not emotionally) then you can register on-line as an adult or use one of the handy-dandy pdf forms;  pay $40 and an extra $20 for the Special Edition Versace Encore 2d Inaugural Black Fly Regatta T-shirt;

If you are a “Student/Athlete Pupae” (aka SAPS) – age 18-26 and actively enrolled in post secondary education, i.e.  college, graduate school (Work Release does not qualify),  or training for the National Team or U-23 – then you have a special on-line form and pdf form – you pay $20  -- which I can loan you at thrice the interest rate of your student loans

If you are age 18-26 and don’t qualify as a SAP, then you qualify as a slacker and pay the adult rates and use the adult on-line form or pdf;;  sorry you don’t have good enough credit for a loan

Larvae under 18 pay $10 but you can’t register online – I gotta have hard copy of your entry with your mom’s , dad’s, or legal guardian’s John Hancock on the waiver – get the $10 from your folks

If you’re sculling a double then make sure you got the right paperwork and waivers – way too many permutations.

Be sure to click all the buttons on the Paypal so I get your registration info, ok?  I’ve attached a picture for you  -- you will see it when you get on-line, okey dokey?

If you feel overwhelmed just mutter “Morde Me!”

None of this applies to Alan Inglis who sends me a check with his age on the memo line.  Hippocrates . . .

I’ve been stocking up on eggs and bacon for weeks … my car’s starting to smell funny . . . Oh, by the way, the river is freakin’ awesome right now!

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